Terms And Services. 
  • All babies have a wellness check by the seller’s veterinarian at 8 weeks of age. If the baby is being shipped to the buyer, either by air or ground, the total cost of the monkey and shipping expenses must be paid by the buyer to the seller in full before the monkey is shipped out.
  • For the protection of the new owner of the monkey and the seller, buyer requires the monkey be examined by a licensed veterinarian, at the expense of the new owner, within 72 hours of receiving the monkey A copy of this exam must be emailed or mailed to the seller within one week of the monkey’s arrival or the guarantee will be null and void. If this monkey is found to have a serious health issue at the 72 hours exam and is unable to be medically treated, a replacement monkey, refund or full refund will be given to the buyer. This will be determined by the seller. To qualify for a replacement, full refund of payment, the buyer must return the monkey alive at their expense, to the seller within 72 hours of the exam. Buyer must provide a signed document from the veterinarian stating the problem. Registration papers given at the time of sale must accompany return. Seller reserves the right to require a second veterinary exam on the returned monkey before any replacement or refund is given. All veterinarian expenses are at the expense of the new owner and not refundable.

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